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What is Paani Puri Clothing and how did this all begin?

PPC is Global Clothing brand which started by Rish Oberoi.  Rish Oberoi was born in Rochester, New York and raised in New Jersey. He graduated with two degrees from The Pennsylvania State University A Major in Drinking Alcohol and a Minor in Economics. This lead him to Wall Street, where he worked for Deutsche Bank as an Investment Banker. When the world saw a "financial downfall" in 2008, he then moved to Dubai where you played video games at his friend’s house for 9 months, wasting away prime years of his life. His parents caught a wiff of this "non-sense" and told him to move to India (They had recently moved to India in that year as their other son was pursuing bigger dreams ... Bollywood). He came to India and started a Human Resources company with a not very friendly business partner. This business partner put Rish's first degree into full affect forcing him to party and drink more than ever to forget his days. During this insane time of his life he decided that he needed to watch The Dark Knight at 4:30am and it made him curious ....WHAT IF just what if all comic characters ate Paani Puri for a living...and Bang...it all started from there....and the rest is now history.


Why the name Paani Puri?

Because it’s funny, different and admit it....you will never ever forget it.

Do you actually sell Paani Puri?

We don’t, we can ....if you really want it...we don’t like a frowning face.

Where did the Logo come from and what is it?

The Logo was designed by a great person who took the time and effort to HAND Draw it Mr. Rajan. Thank You. It’s a Paani Puri , with the water coming out. Take a look at it again.

What makes Paani Puri’s Clothing so special?

We are an honest company. Really full of genuine people who only believe in one thing: Customer Satisfaction. We provide Quality Clothing, each piece has gone through quality regulations for each country, and finished with perfection all at a price which is unmatched. We don’t lie, because Liars suck, ask Pinocchio.