What is Paani Puri?

Paani Puri is also called golgappa, a common street snack in several regions of South Asia, in particular in IndiaPakistanBangladesh, and Nepal. It consists of a round, hollow fried crisp wafer filled with a mixture of flavored water chutney, chilichaat masalapotato, onion and chickpeas.

It mixes super well with Vodka also known as Vodka Paani Puri, and has been proven to get many many wasted and make great decisions.

What is Paani Puri Clothing? 

PPC is Global Clothing brand, which started, by Rish Oberoi as a joke. Today Paani Puri Clothing is found in over 750 Stores around the world. Paani Puri had started off with 8 designs, which show cased life situations with Paani Puri in them, or certain characters eating them. As we grew, PPC eventually started Urban Fashion Wear.  Today PPC has a huge catalog of designs, catering to a large audience from the ages of 18 to 35.  

Over 650,000 people have been served.

Who Started this?

Rish Oberoi was born in Rochester, New York and raised in New Jersey. He graduated with two degrees from The Pennsylvania State University A Major in Drinking Alcohol and a Minor in Economics. This lead him to Wall Street, where he worked for Deutsche Bank as an Investment Banker. When the world saw a "financial downfall" in 2008, he then moved to Dubai where you played video games at his friends house for 9 months, wasting away prime years of his life. His parents caught a wiff of this "non-sense" and told him to move to India (They had recently moved to India in that year as their other son was pursuing bigger dreams ... Bollywood). After making a string of bad decisions, Rish decided to watch “The Dark Knight” and wondered why the Joker has never tried Paani Puri. Well….that was it….a stupid thought become what you are reading now…welcome.


Don’t believe me, JUST WATCH!